The Case: Cadillac Fairview Urban Development Corporation v. Town of Burlington
The Court: Middlesex Superior Court
The Original Pro Tanto Payment: $660,000
The Judgment: $10,500,000

In order to preserve open space, the Town of Burlington took by eminent domain 221 acres of land owned by one of the largest commercial development firms in the country.  Burlington paid $660,000 for the land based in part on their analysis that it was landlocked.

Cadillac Fairview hired The McLaughlin Brothers and filed suit against Burlington for the property’s true fair market value.  The case involved complicated access, utility, engineering and appraisal issues.  The McLaughlin Brothers’ position was that the property was not landlocked, but that it was a highly desirable commercial development site at the intersection of Routes 3 and 128 with a fair market value of $10,500,000.  After a two-week trial, the jury agreed, returning a judgment of $10,500,000.