We’re On Your Side, We’re By Your Side

For more than one hundred years, The McLaughlin Brothers, P.C. has been a champion for property owners fighting for their rights that are guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We put our extensive knowledge and experience to work for businesses, homeowners, and individuals who have had their property taken through eminent domain. Our goal is to obtain a fair appraisal and fair compensation for their land.

As either the lead attorney or in consultation with your attorney, The McLaughlin Brothers, P.C. will handle all phases of your case. From the time of initial contact by the condemning agency, through settlement or trial, we counsel you on the best way to respond to offers made and tactics used by the government in eminent domain actions.

Because eminent domain law is our specialty, we have established a strong network of consultants to help us build a powerful case on your behalf. This includes appraisers, engineers, accountants – a “first team” of experts working to maximize your recovery.

In recognition of the financial hardships often caused by eminent domain takings, our firm charges for its services on a contingency fee basis. This arrangement relieves you of any responsibility for legal fees while the case is pending. Our fees are paid from the proceeds of a settlement or jury verdict.

If your property is targeted for condemnation and taking, do not hesitate. Before the surveyors arrive, before the state makes a financial offer, before you even meet with representatives of the government, enlist the help of the experienced eminent domain attorneys at The McLaughlin Brothers, P.C.