The Case: Cobble Hill Center, LLC v. Somerville Redevelopment Authority
The Court: Middlesex County Superior Court
The Original Pro Tanto Payment: $8,778,000
Jury Verdict: $35,306,000

In order to build a new public safety facility, including new police and fire stations, the
Somerville Redevelopment Authority used its eminent domain power to take approximately 4
acres of Cobble Hill Center’s land. The Redevelopment Authority paid $8,778,000 for the land
based on their own appraisals.

Cobble Hill Center engaged The McLaughlin Brothers to seek additional compensation for their
land. Unable to reach an agreement with the Redevelopment Authority, we took the case to

At trial, the Redevelopment Authority argued that the fair market value of the land should be
determined as if it were developed as an apartment complex of over 350 units with retail uses on
the first floor. We successfully argued to the jury that the Redevelopment Authority undervalued
the property, and that the fair market value of the land would be much higher if Cobble Hill
Center had been able to sell it to a developer seeking to construct a laboratory and research and
development facility of 200,000 square feet.

After an eight-day trial, the jury agreed with Cobble Hill Center’s valuation, returning a verdict
of $35,306,000 in favor of Cobble Hill Center.