The Case: Theresa E. Anderson and Tamara J. Cullaz v. Attleboro Redevelopment Authority
The Court: Bristol County Superior Court
The Original Pro Tanto Payment: $207,000
The Judgment: $1,100,000

In order to build the Attleboro Industrial/Business Park Project, the Attleboro Redevelopment Authority (“ARA”) used its eminent domain power to take 13 acres of the plaintiffs’ land.  The ARA paid $207,000 for the land, taking the position it was too difficult and expensive to develop.  The plaintiffs took the position that their property could be developed as a residential subdivision and had a fair market value of $1,465,000.  Construction of the Attleboro Industrial/Business Park started soon after.

The plaintiffs engaged The McLaughlin Brothers to seek additional compensation for their land.  Unable to reach an agreement with ARA officials, we took the case to court.

The case centered on the fair market value of the land if it were developed as a single-family residential subdivision.  We successfully argued to the jury that the ARA was exaggerating the property’s environmental problems and development obstacles, and that the fair market value of the land would be much higher if the plaintiffs had been able to sell it to a residential real estate developer.

After a one-week trial, the jury agreed, awarding the plaintiffs a judgment of $1,100,000 plus $123,000 in interest, approximately six (6) times the $207,000 originally paid by the taking authority.