The Case: P. A. Landers, Inc. and Mayflower Sand & Gravel Co., Inc. v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts
The Court: Plymouth County Superior Court
The Original Pro Tanto Payment: $3,850,000
The Judgment: $12,388,000

In order to build a section of Route 44 in Plymouth, the Commonwealth took a portion of P. A. Landers’ sand and gravel pit by eminent domain.  The Commonwealth’s position was that the vacant land was only worth $3,850,000.

P. A. Landers engaged The McLaughlin Brothers to analyze their case.  After hiring a team of equipment, sand and gravel, operation and appraisal experts, The McLaughlin Brothers determined that the highest and best use of the property was as a fully integrated sand, gravel, concrete and asphalt processing operation.  We successfully argued that the Commonwealth had dramatically underpaid for the land, resulting in a judgment of $12,388,000.